Local Beaches

Algarve beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, many of which have been awarded the exclusive Blue Flag eco-label!  With 200 km of coastline, there are almost too many beaches and coves to count.  Carvoeiro itself has a myriad of lovely beaches around its coastline dotted in and around the rather spectacular cliffs.  Below are are some of the beaches that are either within walking or short driving distance:

Paraiso - A tiny beach and the closest beach to Hibiscus Gardens, about 5-8 minutes walk.  A steep climb down via steps - very small and secluded.
     Paraiso beach

Carvoeiro - The local town beach immediately in front of the village, about 10 minutes walk away.  Great for children.  Life-guards always there and close to the shops and cafes.
Local Carvoeiro beach

      Carvoeiro beach - 10 minutes walk
Benagil - 4.8k from Hibiscus. A sun-trap backed by cliffs. You can walk onto the sand, making your way past the fishing boats. The only nearby parking is on the roadside of a steep hairpin bend. You can walk up and over a hill to Carvalho.
       Benagil Beach

Caneiros - 3.2k from Hibiscus. Further east from Ferragudo, a cul-de-sac road ends at a fair-sized, popular beach flanked by cliffs. Easy access. The only parking is on the roadside. One of my favourite restaurants on this beach – Rei das Pzaias – make sure you book! See details in the Restaurant list at the development.
       Caneiros beach

Praia da Rocha - Approx 5k from Hibiscus, this is a whopper of a beach about 20 minutes drive away.  Acres of wide open sand right in front of Praia da rocha’s seafront road.  It’s very popular but so big that you are sure to have plenty of room to stretch out.  A tunnel at the western end leads to narrower stretches of beach, made even more attractive  by a backdrop of cliffs and pillars of rock close to the shore.  At various points on the seafront there is access to the beach by steps.
        Praia da Rocha beach

Carvalho - A little cove reached by a long flight of steps and a tunnel below a car park at the Club Atlantico development, at the very end of the road running east of Carvoeiro. Also known as ‘Smuggler’s Cove’ you will probably be able to park closer by approaching from the other side, along a minor road from Benagil.
          Carvalho beach

Centianes - At about 2.300 meters from Carvoeiro, a 25 minute walk.
        Centianes beach

Marinha - Approx 4k from Hibiscus. From a car parking area atop the cliff, a long flight of steps leads down to this long beach on a spectacular stretch of coastline. This is a ‘must-see’ beach and listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
         Marinha Beach

Albandeira - Probably my favourite beach so it gets 2 photos!  Not far from Marinha beach and really pretty.  It is a small beach which is split into two and it has a cafe at the top. That's me down there!

Praia Grande - This is a big beach, as its name suggests, within the breakwaters at the mouth of the Arade river on the bank opposite the Santa Catarina fort at the eastern end of Praia da Rocha. It has a watersports centre. A few steps down from a limited parking area. Parking is otherwise along the side of the approach road. It is 9.600 meters from Carvoeiro by road.
           Praia Grande Beach - 9600 metres from Carvoeiro